Hello, MEOA!

It is with great excitement I say “hello” to you all as we enter our 2023-2024 Board Year together. This year, Instead of writing a New Year’s resolution, I pick a word that sums up my intentions and hopes, something I shared with all our attendees at our 39th Annual Conference at the Seacrest. After reflecting on the past year, I thought about my current values and goals, making my word “WAVE”.

The ocean is never still. Whether observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon. There are different types of waves; light waves, sound waves, and ocean waves. All waves have one thing in common… motion. They keep going, keep transferring, keep traveling, and learn. We rely on waves to bring us music and TV. We can talk to others and see things all because of waves. Waves transfer energy in different forms, some are very useful, while others can be deadly. Animals use wave motion to propel themselves through their surroundings.

This year is about growth and building and with that, three objectives;

  • Objective 1: Lead in the Moment
  • Objective 2: Cultivate the Pairing of the Seasoned and the Emerging
  • Objective 3: Go Back to Our Roots

This year, I hope that we are all able to take one step towards the hesitations and the fears; towards the unknown. For McNair, the unknown is the exciting part because it means there is something for us to research, something for us to learn about, and something for us to look forward to understanding. For you all, the unknown may be joining our board or a committee, talking to a student experiencing something you have never dealt with or handled before, or even trying to decide if swiping the corporate card is going to get you called into the boss’s office.

As we move forward, the goals and activities offered through our association will continue to focus on empowering students and staff and ensuring they have the opportunities and resources necessary to be successful members of our society. I look forward to connecting with you all over the coming year!

– Bryan Landgren (he/him)