MEOA Listserv

It is important that you are informed of what is going on and that we are able to easily communicate to each other throughout Massachusetts. The MEOA listserv is available only to MEOA members. If you are not already a MEOA member, please consider joining today by visiting the membership page. Joining is the best way to receive action alerts that come from the Council, NEOA, and from different sources in Massachusetts, particularly MEOA. The Listserv also provides other great benefits for Massachusetts educational opportunity programs.

The MEOA listserv provides a venue for professionals in Massachusetts who work in programs that serve disadvantaged students to 1) get advice on best practices (a virtual roundtable) in education and government relations, 2) announce TRiO jobs available in MA, and 3) find out about upcoming events, pertinent news, important action steps, and opportunities for students and professionals.

Listserv participants would need to refrain from using the listserv for private correspondence, advertisements that have not been approved by the MEOA Membership Chair, the MEOA Marketing Chair or the MEOA President; or are unprofessional.

If you are a current MEOA member, but are not receiving the listserv contact the Communications Chair, Breyana Roman, at If you would like to stop receiving the listserv either follow the instructions in the welcome e-mail or contact the Communications Chair.