Access to Education Day - April 24, 2024

Join us for Massachusetts Access to Education Day - a powerful initiative dedicated to building an inclusive and equitable educational landscape! This event is your chance to be part of a transformative experience, advocating for change, raising awareness, and taking actionable steps to bridge educational gaps in diverse communities across Massachusetts. Throughout the day, MEOA will be hosting a multitude of Professional Development offerings concurrently for students and professional staff - a learning experience for all involved!

The event takes place April 24, 2024. The layout for the day is as follows: Registration Begins at 8:00AM, Keynote at 8:45AM, Workshops for Staff & Students at 9:25AM, Networking Break, Panel at 10:45AM, Lunch (Offered with Registration), State House Visit at 12:15PM, Dismissal at 2:00PM (all sessions & times subject to change at any moment).

Price: The registration is $25 per student. For staff members, the registration is $50 per person for MEOA non-members, and free for MEOA members.

Note: The student to staff ratio is 10:1.