In 2005 I re-enrolled at Quinsigamond Community College (QCC), having dropped out to give birth in 2003. At this point I was a single mother, looking for a way to make a living and going from job to job wasn’t working anymore. At QCC I enrolled in a Business Administration transfer program. I was always looking for help with expenses and books, and learned of Work-Study. Through QCC I was given the opportunity to come and work at the Colleges of Worcester Consortium, which is where I was first introduced to the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC).

When I learned of the services that the EOC offered, I became a client myself and used their help to fill out college paperwork and financial aid forms. Through many semesters, the EOC assisted me in my education journey, it was with their assistance that I was able to graduate and transfer to another college. After a few semesters working as a work study, I was given the opportunity to take a summer office temp. position at the EOC. It was essential that I had employment and continued income to provide for my daughter while completing school. So the Educational Opportunity Center not only helped guide me through the path to a higher education, but they also helped carry me through that path.

In 2007 I graduated from QCC with an Associates degree, I enrolled in Worcester State College, from where I recently received my B.A. and will walk across the stage proudly in May 2010. I proud to say that after going through an interview process I was chosen to be the newest Educational Advisor for the EOC at the Colleges of Worcester Consortium.

I went from being the person who needed help to the person who proudly provides that help, and it feels great! I love helping others, and I feel good about my job. As an advisor I assist such a diverse population: the school age student, single mom, or a dad who is out of work and needs retraining. The EOC helped me, and with continued federal funding, I know it can continue to help so many others reach their educational and career goals, and provide for their families —all through the tremendous assistance the EOC offers.